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The EMPIR project Metrology for Hydrogen Vehicles (MetroHyVe) focuses on providing solutions to four measurement challenges faced by the hydrogen industry, namely flow metering, quality assurance, quality control and sampling. The project commenced in June 2017, and will be concluded in June 2020. The MetroHyVe project will be continued by the MetroHyVe2 project, which will last from June 2020 to June 2023.

The focus of MetroHyVe has been to ensure that measurement challenges of hydrogen for transportation applications do not prevent global uptake of hydrogen vehicles to the automotive market.

A large hydrogen infrastructure is currently in development across Europe however the industry faces the dilemma that they are required to meet certain measurement requirements (set by European legislation) that cannot currently be followed due to the lack of available methods and standards. The EMPIR Metrology for Hydrogen Vehicles has been the first large scale project of its kind to tackle these measurement challenges.

More information about the MetroHyVe project can be found on EURAMETS website

Partners of the MetroHyVe project

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