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Justervesenet sine dyktige fagfolk har medverke på ulike fagfelt med utgreiingar og publikasjonar. Fleire av desse har gjeve vellykka resultat i metrologisk forskning.

[49] Å. A. F. Olsen, H. Mathisen, and S. Simonsen.
An investigation into a calibration scheme for a light pipe based
temperature probe.
Meas. Sci. Technol., 29(11):115004, 2018.
[48] M. U. Nordsveen, C. K. Tang, and J. Gran.
Demonstration of a dual-mode Si detector as a self-calibrating
device at room temperature.
Opt. Express, 25(8):8459-8469, 2017.
[47] T. Dönsberg, F. Manoocheri, M. Sildoja, M. Juntunen, H. Savin, E. Tuovinen,
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L. Werner, B. Rougié, A. Pons, M. Smîd, P. Gál, L. Lolli,
G. Brida, M. L. Rastello, and E. Ikonen.
Predictable quantum efficient detector based on n-type silicon
Metrologia, 54(6):821-836, 2017.
[46] E. Bardalen, B. Karlsen, H. Malmbekk, O. Kieler, M. N. Akram, and P. Ohlckers.
Packaging and Demonstration of Optical-Fiber-Coupled
Photodiode Array for Operation at 4K.
IEEE T. Comp. Pack. Man., 7(9):1395-1401, 2017.
[45] T. Dunker, H. Hauglin, and O. P. Rønningen.
On temporal correlations in high-resolution frequency counting.
In 2016 European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF), 2016.
arXiv ]
[44] P. Pavlasek, A. Merlone, C. Musacchio, Å. A. F. Olsen, R. A. Bergerud, and
L. Knazovicka.
Effect of changes in temperature scales on historical temperature
Int. J. Climatol., 36(2):1005-1010, 2016.
[43] H. Bettin, M. Heinonen, A. Gosset, Z. Zelenka, S. Lorefice, K. Hellerud,
H. Durlik, W. Jordaan, and I. Field.
Final Report on EUROMET Key Comparison EUROMETMD-K2
(EUROMET 627) Comparison of density determinations of liquid samples.
Metrologia, 53(S):07019, 2016.
[42] H. Karlsson, Å. A. F. Olsen, and L. Pendrill.
Conformance assessment of electrical energy meters investigated by
risk analysis – a case study.
OIML Bulletin, LVII(2):5-20, 2016.
[41] E. Bardalen, T. A. Luau Nguyen, H. Malmbekk, O. Kieler, M. N. Akram, and
P. Ohlckers.
Packaging of Fiber-coupled Optoelectronic Module for
Cryogenic Voltage Standards.
In 2016 6th Electronic System-Integration Technology Conference
, 2016.
[40] B. Karlsen, K. Lind, H. Malmbekk, and P. Ohlckers.
Simulation and development of high precision voltage dividers and
buffer for AC voltage metrology up to 1MHz.
In 2016 12th Conference on Ph.D. Research in Microelectronics
and Electronics (PRIME)
, 2016.
[39] E. Bardalen, T. A. Luau Nguyen, H. Malmbekk, O. Kieler, M. N. Akram, and
P. Ohlckers.
Packaging of fiber-coupled module for Josephson junction array
voltage standards.
In 2016 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements
(CPEM 2016)
, 2016.
[38] B. Karlsen, K. Lind, H. Malmbekk, and P. Ohlckers.
Development of high precision voltage dividers and buffer for AC
voltage metrology up to 1MHz.
In 2016 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements
(CPEM 2016)
, 2016.
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A. Grykalowska, E. Grudniewicz, M. Heinonen, M. Holmsten, D. Hudoklin,
J. Johansson, H. Kajastie, H. Kaykisizli, P. Klason, L. Knazovicka, A. Lakka,
A. Kowal, H. Mueller, C. Musacchio, J. Nwaboh, P. Pavlasek, A. Piccato,
L. Pitre, M. de Podesta, M. K. Rasmussen, H. Sairanen, D. Smorgon,
F. Sparasci, R. Strnad, A. Szmyrka-Grzebyk, and R. Underwood.
The meteomet project – metrology for meteorology: challenges and
Meteorol. Appl., 22(1, SI):820-829, 2015.
[36] Å. A. F. Olsen and R. A. Bergerud.
Traceable Calibration of a Radiation Thermometer in the Range
100circc to 300oc by Model Fitting.
Int. J. Thermophys., 36(8):1803-1812, 2015.
[35] C. K. Tang, J. Gran, I. Müller, U. Linke, and L. Werner.
Measured and 3D modelled quantum efficiency of an oxide-charge
induced junction photodiode at room temperature.
In International Conference on Numerical Simulation of
Optoelectronic Devices (NUSOD) 2015
, pages 177-178, 2015.
[34] P. T. Neuvonen, E. Monakhov, C. K. Tang, J. Gran, and T. Kübarsepp.
Surface passivation in self-induced junction Si photodiodes.
In 2015 Photonics Conference (IPC), IEEE Photonics Conference,
[33] C. Buchner, Z. Zelenka, H. Kajastie, T. Madec, H. Wolf, C. Vamossy,
S. Lorefice, T. Garberg, E. Lenard, I. Spohr, G. Mares, R. Spurny,
A. Lumbreras, N. Medina, U. Y. Akcadag, and M. Perkin.
Key comparison of liquid density standards.
Metrologia, 52(S):07015, 2015.
[32] Helge Malmbekk.
Final report: Euramet.em-s39.
Metrologia, 52(S):01003, 2015.
[31] M. Matus, H. Karlsson, J. Stone, O. Krueger, M. Zelan, A. A. Madej, J. E.
Bernard, A. Lassila, and L. Robertsson.
The CCL-K11 ongoing key comparison. Final report for the year
Metrologia, 52(S):04005, 2015.
[30] S. Solve, R. Chayramy, M. Stock, and F. Sengebusch.
Bilateral Comparison of 1V and 1V Standards between the
JV (Norway) and the BIPM, January to February 2015 (part of the
ongoing BIPM key comparison BIPM. EM-K11.a and b).
Metrologia, 52(S):01022, 2015.
[29] J. Seppa, V. Korpelainen, S. Bergstrand, H. Karlsson, L. Lillepea, and
A. Lassila.
Intercomparison of lateral scales of scanning electron microscopes
and atomic force microscopes in research institutes in Northern Europe.
Meas. Sci. Technol., 25(4):044013, 2014.
[28] K. B. Ellingsberg.
System for in-circuit current measurement, the JV-active shunt.
In 2014 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements
(CPEM 2014)
, pages 254-255, 2014.
[27] M. White, J. Gran, N. Tomlin, and J. Lehman.
A detector combining quantum and thermal primary radiometric
standards in the same artefact.
Metrologia, 51(6):S245-S251, 2014.
[26] M. Sildoja, F. Manoocheri, M. Merimaa, E. Ikonen, I. Müller, L. Werner,
J. Gran, T. Kübarsepp, M. Smîd, and M. L. Rastello.
Predictable quantum efficient detector: I. Photodiodes and
predicted responsivity.
Metrologia, 50(4):385-394, 2013.
[25] I. Müller, U. Johannsen, U. Linke, L. Socaciu-Siebert, M. Smîd,
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Predictable quantum efficient detector: II. Characterization and
confirmed responsivity.
Metrologia, 50(4):395-401, 2013.
[24] M. White, L. Lolli, G. Brida, J. Gran, and M. Rajteri.
Optical constants and spatial uniformity of thermally grown oxide
layer of custom, induced-junction, silicon photodiodes for a predictable
quantum efficient detector.
J. Appl. Phys., 113(24):243509, 2013.
[23] J. Gran, T. Kübarsepp, M. Sildoja, F. Manoocheri, E. Ikonen, and
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Simulations of a predictable quantum efficient detector with PC1D.
Metrologia, 49(2):S130-S134, 2012.
[22] I. Pušnik, S. Clausen, J.-O. Favreau, B. Gutschwager, A. K. Doğan,
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Comparison of Blackbodies for Calibration of Infrared Ear
Int. J. Thermophys., 32(1-2):127-138, 2011.
[21] M. Lidbeck, J. Ivarsson, E. András, J. E. Holmen, T. Weckström, and
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Interlaboratory comparison of reference surface temperature apparatus
at NMIs.
Int. J. Thermophys., 29(1):414-422, 2008.
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Low-cost high-performance current shunts – Improved design for
30 ma-100ma.
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Precision Electromagnetic Measurements Digest
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Internet-enabled calibration: An analysis of different topologies
and a comparison of two different approaches.
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[16] Å. Sand and H. Sunde.
IMET – A secure and flexible approach to internet-enabled
calibration at Justervesenet.
In P. Ciarlini, E. Filipe, F. Pavese, C. Perruchet, and B. R. L.
Siebert, editors, Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in
Metrology VII
, volume 72 of Series on Advances in Mathematics for
Applied Sciences
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In 2002 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements,
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[1] L. Halbo.
Accreditation and certification tools of the future or tools of the
In 41st Annual EOQ Congress, Proceedings Vol. 2, pages
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