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The National Metrology Laboratory maintains national measurement standards and offers calibrations traceable to the SI units. The laboratory is active in research in selected fields.

The laboratory performs realisation of the SI units for the following quantities:

  • DC voltage (by the Josephson effect)
  • DC resistance (by the quantum Hall effect)
  • Time interval (by four caesium atomic clocks)
  • Length (by He/Ne laser, tuned to the 633 nm I2 line)
  • Mass (by the national 1 kg prototype)
  • Temperature (by fixed points between 83 K (argon triple point) and 1358 K (copper freezing point) of the temperature scale ITS-90.
  • DC current, AC voltage and current, AC power and energy (by standards traceable to our DC voltage, DC resistance and time standards)
  • Humidity (by a dew point standard traceable to a foreign NMI)
  • Volume and flow of liquids ( by gravimetric methods tracable to the national mass standard)
  • Optical spectral responsivity (by silicon trap detectors traceable to a foreign NMI)


Terms om delivery for calibration of standards and measuring instruments

Sist endret 25. January 2023