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Justervesenet (Norwegian Metrology Service)

Justervesenet (JV) is a governmental agency under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. JV is responsible for the Norwegian metrology infrastructure and for ensuring its national and international acceptance.

JVs tasks and responsibilities are based in the “Law on measurement units, measuring and standard time” (in Norwegian, lov om målenheter, måling og normaltid). An unofficial translation of the act can be found here: Act on measurement units

Justervesenet has the national responsibility in two main areas:
• Legal metrology
• National measurement standards

We have the following mandate in the legal (regulated) area:
• Inspection and verification
• Approval of e-marking
• Preparing national regulation in the area of metrology

We offer the following services:
• Calibration against national standards
• Consultancy in metrology
• Courses, seminars and in-house training
• Research and development projects
Services as a notified body for measuring instruments

Contact us for your metrology needs.

Contact person: Hans Arne Frøystein